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i-FX Media Website Design & Development

i-fx media wb design i-FX media web design i-FX media web design i-FX media web design

i-FX Media is a UK based company that specialises in innovative technological solutions. We specialise in 3D Mapping Projections, Holographic displays, Laser shows, Interactive technologies and other bespoke displays.  

i-FX Media use audio visual solutions to make ideas come to life.  They have partners worldwide and their services are used across the globe.

RyanJamesWebDesign were hired to design and develop the website with the brief of "sleek and professional yet standing out from the competition".

The design was derived from the shapes, colours and fonts used in the logo.

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Our Roles in this Project

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Art Direction
  • SEO Campaign

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